Gifting Holy Trinity

Ven Neistat, a.k.a. The Spirited Man, shared his perspective on gifts in the video The GIFTING HOLY TRINITY & More and it’s great.


These are the points made in the video:

All gifts should contain an element of surprise

If they know what they’re getting, surprise them with when or how.

Respect the gifting Holy Trinity: Nice, Made & Thoughtful

Pick at least 2.

Made gifts should not bebigger than one’s hand

If they hate your gift you don’t waste their real estate.

Dating and/or monogramming a gift gives it extra power.

Get a wood burner, engraver and whiteout pen.

Know what flowers your girl likes.

Go to a flower shop

Take your time with books.

Date and write your name in one of the leaves of the book

A postcard counts

Add a drawing, a poem, a joke, make it custom

Two days

First day to think about it, sleep on it, then buying it.

She will tell you

Write it down when she mentions it, pay attention

Buy small gifts when you travel.

Even if you don’t know who it’s for.

Expensive, not costly

10 $ chocolate is expensive, but it’s not a lot of money.

For kids: You pick the store, the kid picks the gift.

And send thank you notes!

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